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Camping in Earl Rowe Provincial Park

This is a great kids-friendly, family campground. It has two large beaches, large swimming pool($1.50-$3 extra fee), kids programs, and kids playground in a few places. The campsites are decent as well with very good privacy in some of them.

Earl Rowe Provincial Park Boyne Meadow Campsite
Our campsite here was at #419 in West Side - Boyne Meadow Campground. It had good privacy and it was close enough to tap water and shower. This site would be quite a walk to the beaches though. We had to drive to get there.

My only downvote to this park would be the muddy beaches.

On a wierd note, This may have been our fist time camping without seeing any racoons. The open garbage containers by the beach area also made me wonder if they do linger in this park.

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Site #419 in West Side - Boyne Meadow Campground One of the playgrounds at Earl Rowe The Swings Playset by the Earl Rowe beach Main beach area Main beach
Muddy beaches of Earl Rowe Provincial Park The Boy The Girl
Ma11 2014/05/02 15:25:00 EDT Reply
This is a nice park I agree we go here every year. My children do not mind the dirt on the beach and I let them play there. Unless it was tested to pose some health risks.

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Author: Kajtek S