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Camping in Grundy Lake Provincial Park

This is one of my favourite parks. It has a lot of beautiful lakes, beaches, and most sites are fairly close to the lakes.

Canoeing in sunset
Our campsite here was at #502 in White Pine Campground. It had very good privacy and it was close enough to tap water and shower. There was also a swimming area in the 'backyard'. We parked our inflatable boat there and it was very convenient to get to.

This park is missing a playground. In exchange though, they have a few good programs for kids to participate in. My daughter liked learning about the wildlife, seeing some wierd looking insects, and catching frogs and butterflies.

Click here to view details of all campsites in Grundy Lake Provincial Park.

My daughter in our big site Site #502 in White Pine Campground Good shallow beach Sunset in our 'backyard' My daughter catching something in the water A nice lookout view after a short hike

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Author: Kajtek S