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Roche Rouge
Fees: $28

Contact Information
Phone: 705-287-2332
Address: 70 Ontario St W, Killarney, Ontario P0M 2A0

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 45.97655
Longitude: -81.51465

Operating Dates
May 1, 2018 - Oct 25, 2018

Camping in Roche Rouge Campground in Killarney

This campground was recommended to us by the staff of Killarney Provincial Park. It is at the end of Ontario st. in the town of Killarney, and about 10kms West of Killarney Provincial Park.

My daughter in Roche Rouge Campground
It seemed like this campground suffered from a major storm when we arrived. The road to the sites was littered with big potholes and tree branches.
Our site here was very close to the water, with some good spots for socializing and star gazing. It was also big enough for our daughter to have an area to run around. Although, this became a concern when we spotted a teenage black bear roaming the campground. It passed our campsite, ignored our food, and went to the neighbors to get food instead. After camping for so many years and frequent hiking in the Canadian Rockies, we finally got to see a wild bear. I prefer grizzly though, but this was good too.
Since this campground was fairly close to Killarney Provincial Park, we went to visit it as well. We went for a canoe ride and a hike on Chikanishing Trail.
Our site in Roche Rouge Campground Boat launch The 'beach area' behind our campsite Sunset in Roche Rouge Campground Canoeing in Killarney Provincial Park Blueberries in Chikanishing Trail
Chikanishing Trail Georgian Bay Paddlers of Georgian Bay Chikanishing Forest Trail Black Bear in Campsite Looking into the eyes of the beast
Kev 2016/04/23 17:44:01 EDT Reply
Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed ourselves at this campground as well as the surrounding attractions in Killarney. We had tried the provincial park first but it was full and would have been quite expensive. We searched the town and managed to find Roche Rouge tucked off the main road. However the staff was very accommodating allowing us to drive out and find a site we like and pay afterwards also not harassing anyone about noise or when to put out fires. The price per night was very inexpensive with moderate privacy. The beach was very camp like and awesome at night with the stars out. The washrooms were fairly clean and drinking water access was not far away. 4/5
Paula Kirkland 2014/08/25 14:29:16 EDT Reply
We spent one very wet night at Roche Rouge in a thunderstorm waiting to get into Killarney Provincial Park for a great interior camping trip with portaging and canoeing. We don't drink any alcohol, but we were evicted for being roudy. I'm still trying to figure out how on earth this happened?? I'm a kindergarten teacher and we were all hiding in our tents from the lightning and thunder and heavy downpour. After being falsely accused of making noise during that night, we had to pack up our tents and stay at the Killarney Outfitters backyard (thankfully!). Killarney Outfitters were welcoming. The camping was free. The coffee was free. And we were able to start our journey into the interior of the park feeling a little better after the terrible treatment we received from Roche Rouge. I think they just don't want tent campers there. That's all I can figure out?? We didn't get reimbursed for the payment I had already made and I didn't ask for my money back. It was such a discouraging experience.

I am sorry about your experience in Roche Rouge.
I hope you had a lot of fun in Killarney though. It is a very beautiful park. I haven't gone to the interior, and now I am jealous just thinking about your trip. - Kajtek - 2014/08/25 17:34:40 EDT

I can't see this happening. I have been going every summer to that campground since 1990 . The lady that owns it with her brother is very nice and calm. They only intervene when there is loud music and excessive boozing going on. These are very nice and friendly people.
Again, can't see this happening. - Daniel and Olivia - 2014/12/18 16:43:34 EST

Jo 2014/08/18 11:28:23 EDT Reply
The two ladies there at the admission we're very helpful... and calm. The site that we had was a little bit run-down. It was maybe from too much rain we've been having
Lily Of The Valley 2013/08/07 20:27:39 EDT Reply
That is so cool, and pretty scary. Good thing nobody got hurt.

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Author: Kajtek S