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Camping in Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney Provincial Park is about 4.5hrs north of Toronto and is one of the few wilderness parks of Ontario.
This is a mid-spring camping so arriving on a wet, cold, rainy day was somewhat expected. Our campground was at George Lake Campground.

Killarney Provincial Park
There were only a few people around when we camped so privacy was not an issue.

First of our 3-day camp was a little bit dissapointing. We were both wet and chilly, couldn't do much.

The next day was just perfect. We immediately went to the nearby beach and sat, dipped our feet into the water, while we watched the wildlife and other visitors enjoy a beautiful day as well.

After a chill from the cold water of George Lake, we decided to hike part of the Silhouette Trail. We hiked up to the first backcountry site just to feel sorry we couldn't go any farther, and see more of the astonishing view of the Silver Mountain.

On our third day, we biked to the Chikanishing Creek at one kilometer west of the George Lake campground. We were suppose to hike the Chikanishing Trail but we couldn't find the trail head. We just went to the nearby river, and watched a bunch of fishes jump against the falls.

About 10km west of the George Lake campground is the town of Killarney. This small town is a dream. Walk around the town in just a couple of hours and you've already met the entire population. And the beauty of it is, it sits right on Georgian Bay.

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Enjoying the cold water of George Lake Chikanishing Creek Town of Killarney Killarney Church Residents of Georgian Bay Residents of Georgian Bay
Sarah 2014/08/18 11:24:42 EDT Reply
Killarney is a very beautiful park. We just came back from there this past weekend and we liked the environment.
I went for a hike with my 6yr old son on the Chikanising Trail. The view of Georgian Bay was beautiful. Some of the rocks were slippery at the time and my son got a little bit of a scratch from a slip. It was still fun he said. We're glad we did it. - Sarah

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Author: Kajtek S