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Camping in Oastler Lake Provincial Park

This park was not in my 'will visit again' list, before having our kids due to its lack of hiking trails. At this point in time, with small kids around, hiking trails have been temporarily replaced by a good beach so Ostler Lake is now back on the list.

Oastler Lake Provincial Park Boyne Meadow Campsite
Our first visit here was spent in Hardwood Hill Campground. It was a little bit of a walk to the beach and it was quieter. While we were having a relaxing time by the water, we saw a small snake having a toad for lunch. It was quite a show.

Many years later, we went back here with our kids. This time we camped closer to the beach. Our reserved site appeared to be too small so we asked to move to one of the non-reservable sites. Our site then became #110 in Lakeview Campground. With a non-reservable site, I like the idea of being able to extend our stay if we want to, without worrying about the site being already booked for other campers. Because sometimes we do extend our stay for another day or two.

#110 is not a huge site and it was sufficient for our two tents and running around kids. It was also close to the beach and not very far from the tap and showers.

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Camping in Hardwood Hill Campground Snake devours a toad Oastler Lake Oastler Lake Beach
Site #110 in Lakeview Campground Playtime in the tent Taking a dip in Oastler Lake My son playing at the beach of Oastler Lake Sand castle making time My daughter swimming at the beach
Vanessa 2015/05/26 13:57:24 EDT Reply
We spent this past weekend there. It boasts some greatly varied terrain for such a small area - many of the sites are located on a shallow treed and sandy slope to one side of the park, while other sites are located on a large typically-Canadian-Shield hill that is part of a point that juts into the water. Most of the sites are car-camping sites but there are some walk-in tenting sites on the tip of the point that are very nice!
BP 2013/09/05 02:12:06 EDT Reply
THat's a good looking tent. Reminds me of my old North Face Roadrunner 2.

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Author: Kajtek S