Batad Rice Terraces - Batad, Philippines
Batad · Tapiya Falls
Banaue is a famous tourist destination for Rice Terraces, Batad is for more adventurous sight seeing. Getting to Batad from Banaue already requires about an hour jeepney ride and a 45mins to 1.5hrs hike to the upper village (depending on where you get dropped off). The upper village has numerous guesthouses and an unobstructed view of the Rice Terraces.
When we arrived in Banaue, we walked towards the town passing the Florida Bus Station. We caught a jeepney there bound to Batad for P100/p, 1hr. I don't recommend hiring a tricycle for this journey. It is more expensive, and you'll be more uncomfortable due to big rocks and deep muddy potholes on the road.
The ride to Batad usually ends at the 'Junction' but our driver took us all the way up to the Saddle - first photo (saved us 45 min of walking). The beginning of the trail here is on the right of the green roof. The trail starts with a steep descent, then a gradual downhill hike throughout with fresh spring water along the way. If you don't like uphill hikes then learn how to grow rice and don't think about coming back home. After a 45 min hike, we reached the "tourist village" and we checked in at Rita's Mount View Inn. This village has numerous guestrooms for overnighters and each of them has a restaurant offering filipino and western food.

How To Get There: Purchase your bus ticket to Banaue in advance. Go to Autobus Terminal beside the University of Sto. Thomas on Espana, or, at Florida Bus Station at the corner of Lacson and Espana. Ticket was at P464/p and busses left every night at 10 for a 9-hr overnight bumpy ride. A/Cs on long distance buses here, I noticed were always on full blast, so wear your winter clothes or pack some crumpled up newspaper to clog the blow hole. Our bus stopped almost at every 2nd hour for breaks.

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Gwen 2015/05/26 14:41:39 EDT Reply
we only have 3 days to go around sagada and banaue, which would you recommend ? bomod-ok falls in sagada or tappiya falls in batad?

You can easily fit both in three days. You wont regret it.
If I must pick only one though, I'd go for Tappiya Falls. - Kajtek - 2015/05/26 15:24:10 EDT

agree ako dyan - joel - 2016/09/28 02:11:47 EDT

Elal Lasola 2014/03/01 03:05:04 EST Reply
Truly magnificent, Batad was my dream and when I was there it was overwhelmingly beautiful!
Eleven Sons 2013/11/05 15:09:46 EST Reply
There was an incident here sometime ago involving a tourist and local. Be careful when traveling in this part of the province. Respect the wildlife, respect the people, respect nature.
from japan 2013/05/15 21:43:30 EDT Reply
This is such a beautiful place. I can't wait to visit it in the summer
Pinay Traveller 2013/03/15 02:33:14 EDT Reply
Good recommendation! I went there with my friends 2 years ago and the place was truly magnificent!

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