Hiking the Philippine Mountains

Hikes in the Philippine Mountains
Name Location Elevation Time
Manabo Peak Lipa, Batangas 830m/2723' 2h up, 1h down
Taal Volcano Talisay, Batangas 400m/1312' 35m up, 30m down
Tarak Ridge Mariveles, Bataan 1288m/4226' 5h up, 4h down
Muscle Zone Outdoors
Mt. Makulot, Cuenca, Batangas, Philippines Mt. Batulaw, Nasugbo, Batangas, Philippines Mt. Banahaw, Laguna, Philippines
Our group Muscle Zone Outdoors was formed in '92 with a trip to Famy in Laguna. We called it "mountaineering", before we were asked by local kids "Are you going for a picnic too?" To avoid the humiliation... we said yes, with our backpacks almost twice the size of the kids. One of them on flip- flops.

Name Location Elevation
Apo, Mt. Kidapawan, Mindanaw 2954m/9692'
Banahaw, Mt. Laguna 2170m/7119'
Batulaw, Mt. Nasugbo, Batangas 813m/2667'
Cristobal, Mt. Dolores, Quezon 1494m/4900'
Halcon, Mt. Mindoro 2582m/8471'
Hibok-Hibok, Mt. Camiguin Island, Mindanaw 1250m/4101'
Makiling, Mt. Laguna 1090m/3576'
Makulot, Mt. Cuenca, Batangas 835m/2740'
Malepunyo, Mt. Lipa, Batangas 963m/3159'
Natib, Mt. Orani, Bataan 1253m/4111'
Pico de Loro, Mt. Nasugbo, Batangas 664m/2178'
Pulog, Mt. Benguet 2922m/9587'
Talamitam, Mt. Nasugbo, Batangas 704m/2310'

Mo.S.A.R.T. Training Mo.S.A.R.T. Mt. Halcon Rescue

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