Climbing Mt. Rysy, highest mountain of Poland
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Mt. Rysy
The closest town to this 'Polish Rockies' is Zakopane, and it is about 2.5hrs south of Krakow by bus. This site is made famous by the popular lake Morskie Oko, and also by the Poland's highest point, Mt. Rysy at 2499m.
We took a minivan from Zakopane to Tatrzanski National Park. 7zl, 1hr. From the park's gate we still had to walk 9m to Morskie Oko, where we spent the night at Schronisko Przy Morskim Oku (Shelter Near Morskie Oko). This lake is popular to locals so expect a big crowd.
A horse drawn carriage for 20zl is available to take if walking for 2hrs is not an option. There are 2 shelters beside the lake. The old, which has dormstyle rooms with 14 beds in one room - 37zl per person. The other shelter, the new, also has dorm style with 4 to 6 beds in one room - 47zl per person. This new shelter has a restaurant, bar and a store and is mostly packed with day users. We got up early the next day for a scramble to Rysy. We left our big packs at the reception for 3zl and started our journey to the top of Poland.
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Ingrid 2013/10/22 01:45:12 EDT Reply
What a beautiful place!
kish 2013/08/26 21:33:07 EDT Reply
nice!! hiking in the five lakes my favurite too!!

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