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Camping in Gatineau Park

Access to Gatineau Park is a less than an hour drive, North of Ottawa. The gate is on the North part of the park and it first leads to Lake Philippe Campground.

Lake Philippe in Gatineau Park
Lake Philippe Campground was where we camped during our first visit to this park. Our site was at #124 in Zone 100 and it was close to the shower facility, and also close to the Amphitheatre. The site, although isolated, was small and close to the road. Th beach at Philippe Lake was very nice. It was big, clean and shallow.

On our next visit to Gatineau Park, three years later, we chose to camp at Taylor Lake. We visited this area during our first camp at this park and we loved it. It had a wilderness feel to it. Of course with this kind of environment we didn't expect for the facilities to be modernized. Only dry toilets and water taps were available.
We had quite an experience here at Taylor Lake Campground as well when the weather turned against us. Our shelters took a beating from the heavy rain and strong wind and we had to get in our car for a better cover.
Site #124 in Lake Philippe Campgound - Gatineau Park My daughter at Lake Philippe Beach Our campsite visitor Lake Philippe Parent Beach Lake Philippe Philippe Lake
Site #T08 in Taylor Lake Campground - Gatineau Park Site #T09 in Taylor Lake Campground - Gatineau Park Back at Philippe Lake Parent Beach Our visitor this time

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S