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Anmyeondo Island

How To Get There: This is a mini vacation my wife and I took with our Korean friends. We went to Anmyeondo. An island (connected by a bridge) that is about 2:30hr drive south of Incheon, on Chungcheongnam-Do province. It is on the southern tip of the Taean Seashore National Park.

Anmyeondo Island
Our first day was a total disaster. It rained as soon as we left Incheon and it got worse when we reached our destination. At some point, while having lunch by the beach, it got so dark that it seemed like we were having dinner. Our tented restaurant got flooded and almost gave up from the strong wind. We had a break from the rain for a few minutes... enough to catch little crabs for the kids to play with. Then we went to our pension hotel (about the same size and price as some motels but with kitchen and appliances).

The next day was very nice. We spent a lot of time at Kkotji Beach... caught more crabs and had a small picnic. The tide was very low at this time. The water was warm to touch and a lot of people were swimming.

On our way home we stopped at a local fish market for another raw fish experience. This time we had our friend Simon to guide (and extremely motivate) us in eating some live sea creatures. I had this experience with Simon already back in Incheon. We had some live octopus. I tell you, he had to work really hard to make me eat it. It didn't look alive on the plate so I said "oh, it's not that bad". But when I started poking it with my chopstick, it started squirming. I had to wait for a bit for it to die before I could start eating. While waiting, I had to spend some quality time staring at my plate...with one hand on my soju, and the other with my other soju. I tried to buy my way out of it but it didn't work. The octopussy was good by the way.
Lunch at a seafood tent restaurant Lunch at a seafood tent restaurant Simon and his two boys Hojun goes for the kick Minseok goes for the kick Simon and Minseok playing soccer Our picnic at the beach
Hunting for crabs Kkotji Beach Father and Son meung-ge (orange) and he-sam Yummy Octopus The Dare
seoulify 2013/08/16 21:04:40 EDT Reply
you are lucky to have korean friends to show you around

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