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Baegundae Peak - 837m/2746'

How To Get There: I took the subway to Suyu Station of Seoul Line 4. I exited at #3 and crossed half the road to catch a blue bus #170. I rode the bus to the end of the line (right after it u-turns). I took the first road after the u-turn (landmark: North Face store). This road is flooded with outdoor gear shops and it leads to Doseonsa Temple and Baegundae's trailhead.

Baegundae and Insabong Peaks
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Trail to Baegundae Peak Final ascent to the summit On Baegundae Peak of Bukhansan National Park
(1) This is back on the main trail to Baegundae Peak. It had a nice "rain forest" surrounding.
(2) Granite comes after the wooden stairs. Some areas have man made steps on the granite but for the most part, you'll find yourself relying on the rail... especially in this weather.
(3) Baegundae Peak (837m/2746'). It took me 20mins to get here from the unknown summit in the previous page. This gentleman is only about ten steps away from me but I could barely see him. I stayed for an hour at the summit, again hoping for a clear view but I just had no luck this day.
A little bit of view from the summit Descending the summit Wimun Castle Gate
(1) This gentleman is taking advantage of something to see.
(2) I descended the summit together with a traveller from New Zealand. He met a Korean at the trailhead and they hiked together the whole time. Koreans are really friendly people.
(3) This is Wimun Castle Gate. I took the hole to my next objective, Mangyeongdae.
Trail to Mangyeongdae Baegundae Ridge Trail to Nojeokbong
(1) The Korean man took the same route as mine and later on warned me about getting to the top of Mangyeongdae. For the most part I believe Korean hikers on what they say about the route and the mountain, but there's still a jackass inside me that doubt them. I believed him about the weather safety on Manjeongdae though so I skipped the ascent and moved on to my next target.
(3) This is the trail to Nojeokbong. I went over the rope and scrambled on granite rocks to claim the summit. The trail to Yonggamun is on the left.
On Nojeokbong Peak Yonggamun Castle Gate Dongjangdae Command Post
(1) Nojeokbong (716m/2349'). It took me 40mins to get here from from Baegundae Peak. This again was not an easy hike. I found my way up here even more challenging than that of Yeongbong Peak.
(2) Yonggamun Castle Gate. The trail down to Doseonsa Temple is through the hole.
(3) I went straight along the fortress for a last rest stop on Dongjangdae Command Post before proceeding to visit Doseonsa Temple. It took me 35mins to get here from Nojeokbong.
Mike 2016/10/01 21:37:25 EDT Reply
I just went to Bukhansan yesterday to go up Baegundae Peak. Thanks for the added details on initially getting there, as the nights before, I was searching how to get there. However, for anybody else reading this, take note that Bus #170 doesn't currently exist. We took the 153, only to hear that 120 may have been faster there, but regardless, the little details on seeing the North Face store along with the many "outdoors" shops down the street was a big help. Today, I rest, deservingly.

Fontaine 2016/07/21 23:39:50 EDT Reply
I found your tips/directions/photos incredible helpful! I climbed Baegundae yesterday and loved it. Thanks for the details!
Manon 2016/06/30 04:04:33 EDT Reply
I went to Bukhansan last month but with a guide from oneday korea. I booked a Bukhansan Tour cause I was afraid to get lost >< doesn't change anything on how I looked like a mess when we finished to climb but I didn't have to worry about the path what was really convenient ! Follow the guide & enjoy what's around you :) I had a good experience, climbing this mountain !
Kai Urriza 2014/11/12 03:56:14 EST Reply
Is it ok to hike alone? For a girl. Which trail is the busiest?

The trail to Baegundae Peak is always the busiest.
Like any of my ventures to the woods, I always let someone know where I'm going and my ETA back.
The trail there is mostly, if not always busy especially on weekends. My safety concern there becomes the traffic on the trail. You might end up waiting in line, "hanging" onto the cold metal rail with your feet on a slippery slab. - Kajtek - 2014/11/12 10:38:42 EST

Dan 2014/09/22 16:14:56 EDT Reply
How's the weather like there in Korea right now? I'll be visiting Seoul with some friends first week of October and plan to climb Bukhansan too. Can you please give us some tips on what to wear and the fastest route to reach Baegundae peak. thank you so much!


It's my favourite temp right now in South Korea. Not too hot not too cold. A little bit of rain here and there but nothing major.
The trail from Doseonsa Temple is well used and leads directly to Baegundae peak. Trail signs are there to help you hit the peak directly.
When hiking in cool/cold temperature I always put on a synthetic shirt and a zip-down windbreaker or sweater and/or jacket. I like to zip down my layers to cool my body temp before sweating begins. - Kajtek - 2014/09/25 13:23:06 EDT

Thanks for the tip! We're already here in Korea. I'm excited to climv this coming thursday :) - dan - 2014/10/07 09:52:37 EDT

Jones11 2013/11/02 11:11:52 EDT Reply
I took this same trail just last weekend. It was very busy.

It was a Guinness holder for having the highest amount of visitors. - REI - 2013/11/05 15:32:25 EST

About how long does the round trip to Baegundae take? - Mike - 2014/07/17 23:56:28 EDT

When I first went up to Baegundae Peak It took me 6.5hrs round trip. Only because I went up to other peaks as well and I took my time... a lot of time. When I went back up with my wife, we went straight up and straight down for 3.5hrs (no crowded trail traffic). - Kajtek - 2014/07/20 17:17:52 EDT

Fred 2013/07/13 21:53:16 EDT Reply
Nice job

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