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Bibong Peak - 560m/1837'

How To Get There: I took my wife with me on this hike and scramble, to the southern part of Bukhansan National Park. We took the subway to Dokbawi Station of Seoul Line 6. We then walked to the Bulgwang Ticket Booth and started our ascent there.

Samobawi Rock
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Very Slippery Terrain on our way to Bibong Peak Very Slippery Terrain on our way to Seunggabong Peak More scrambling
These were the other crux. This part was actually more dangerous than the previous ones. The granite wall we had to ascend was wet and what we were stepping on was on an angle, and was also wet.
With the help of old grandmas showing us off, we proceeded with the ascent. We had a heart pounding moment and a few scratches but we managed to pass the crux safely.
Having a snack at Bibong Peak At Bibong Peak At Seunggabong Peak
(1) This is Bibong Peak (560m/1837'). It took us half an hour from Hyangnobong Peak. We had a good relaxing time here after all the difficult terrain we had to pass.
(3) At Seunggabong Peak. We passed by the Samobawi Rock on our way here and we had to go through more wet slippery granite. It took us 40mins to get here from Bibong Peak.
Looking back  to Bibong Peak Munsubong Peak Samobawi Rock
(1) These are Bibong Peak (left), Hyangnobong Peak(right of center), and Samobawi Rock (right).
(2) This is Munsubong Peak. We decided to leave this for another day hike.
(3) For our descent, we went back to the Samobawi Rock to hit the Seunggasa Temple trail.
Seunggasa Temple Seunggasa Temple Seunggasa Temple
Seunggasa Temple didn't seem very far from Samobawi Rock but trail led us to a long descent and around the foot of the temple. Since we had to go up again to see the whole temple, we didn't bother going for the full tour.

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