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Bibong Peak - 560m/1837'

How To Get There: I took my wife with me on this hike and scramble, to the southern part of Bukhansan National Park. We took the subway to Dokbawi Station of Seoul Line 6. We then walked to the Bulgwang Ticket Booth and started our ascent there.

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This traverse started with an ascent to Jokduribong Peak, a traverse to Hyangnobong Peak (536m/1759'), a traverse scramble to Bibong Peak (560m/1837'), and a traverse to Seunggabong Peak passing the Samobawi Rock. For our descent, we went back to Samobawi Rock to take the trail to Seunggasa Temple and down to Seungga Ticket Booth. Our overall traverse time was 5:15hrs including lunch and summit stops.
On our way to Jokduribong Peak Jokduribong Peak Some free climbing
(1) The trail to Jokduribong is just a typical hiking trail but when it gets closer to the peak, granite hiking begins. These are Jokduribong Peak (right) and the connecting ridge to Hyangnobong Peak from the first clearing.
(2) This is Jokduribong Peak. It took us 45mins to get here from the ticket booth.
(3) While at Jokduribong, I was scoping people's descend route to the ridge. I noticed these people ascending the peak from this side as well
Free climbing on Jokduribong Peak connecting ridge from Jokduribong to Hyangnobong Peak On our way to Hyangnobong Peak
(1) This is a shot from the other side of Jokduribong. I couldn't believe the risk they take when hiking.
Us? We took a detour of course. We rounded the peak to the left (facing the peak) for a safer approach to the ridge.
(2) This is the connecting ridge from Jokduribong to Hyangnobong Peak.
(3) The ascent to this peak is from the other side. We had to gain the ridge between Hyangnobong and Bibong first before we could be on Hyangnobong Peak (536m/1759'). And, the trail is on a restricted area. It took us 1hr from Jokduribong.
Connecting ridge to Bibong Peak Scrambling to gain the ridge back Scrambling to gain the ridge back It was necessary sometimes to give assistance to other hikers here.
(1) This is the connecting ridge to Bibong Peak... a hikers' scramble.
Here is one of the many crux to this traverse. We had to hug the rock here at some point to pass a vertical drop. We would scramble at the pink lady's route.
Ridge Traffic Finally passed the crux On our way to Bibong Peak
(1) Traffic made it even harder to pass the crux.
(2) This is the ridge after passing the above crux. It was a relief to get through the hard part, and we hoped there'd be no more like this... but getting to Bibong Peak was yet another challenge.
(3) On our way to Bibong Peak.

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