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Jaunbong Peak - 739.5m/2426'

How To Get There: I started my ascent at 1:30pm from Mangwol Ticket Booth. To get there, I took Seoul Line 1 to Mangwolsa Station. I walked south to a first intersection (below the subway tracks) and I turned right. I followed this road all the way to a signed fork (below the Seoul Ring Expressway). I took the right fork to the ticket booth.

Jaunbong Twin Peaks of Mt. Dobongsan
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Mt. Dobongsan Ridge Mt. Dobongsan Ridge Baegundae Peak as seen from Mt. Dobongsan
This view is what I missed on my hike to Baegundae Peak a couple of days ago. I didn't think this mountain would impress me because of it being close to Seoul, but the view was very beautiful.
Mt. Dobongsan Summit Ridge On Jaunbong Peak of Mt. Dobongsan Summit Ridge
(1) The ascent to Jaunbong from the col is not easy but ropes are in place to assist hikers. It took me 45mins to summit Jaunbong Peak from Chukso Peak.
(2) This is Lee. I met him at the top and we descended the mountain together via Dobongsan Station Route. Him and his colleague invited me for dinner and drinks afterwards. Koreans are really nice people.
Jaunbong Twin Peaks col Trail to Dobongsan Station Drinking party on the trail
(1) Here's the Jaunbong Twin Peaks col. Podae Ridge is to the left and the route to or from Dobongsan Station is on the right.
(2) We took the trail to Dobongsan Station for our descend.
(3) About halfway down, we met with a bunch of hikers drinking makeli on this lookout. It seems to me that city men drink soju, mountain men drink makeli.
Our total descent time down to Dobongsan trailhead was 1:30hrs. It would probably take 2hrs to ascend the summit from Dobongsan. The trail here is relatively easy and would be more appropriate to inexperienced hikers, rather than using the Podae Ridge route.
Cheonchuksa Temple Buddha figures at Cheonchuksa Temple Some cat
(1) This is Cheonchuksa Temple. It is the oldest temple here in Bukhansan National Park.

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