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Jaunbong Peak - 739.5m/2426'

How To Get There: I started my ascent at 1:30pm from Mangwol Ticket Booth. To get there, I took Seoul Line 1 to Mangwolsa Station. I walked south to a first intersection (below the subway tracks) and I turned right. I followed this road all the way to a signed fork (below the Seoul Ring Expressway). I took the right fork to the ticket booth.

Rails on ascent to summit
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This traverse includes a visit to Manwolsa Temple, an ascent to Chukso Peak (649m/2129'), a scramble to Jaunbong Peak (739.5m/2426') via Podae Ridge and a visit to Cheonchuksa Temple via Dobongsan Station Route. My overall traverse time, including rest and summit stops was 3:30hrs.

The person on Manwolsa ticket booth warned me about the possibility of rain on the mountain. She also said "Podae Ridge trail is the most dangerous access to Jaunbong (highest peak) especially in the rain, so be careful". Not quite the words but I understood what she said. I wondered how she defines "dangerous" though.
Manwolsa Temple Chukso Peak Jaunbong Peak from Chukso Peak.
(1) This is Manwolsa Temple, 45mins from the ticket booth. Before this temple, there's an alternate route to Jaunbong which would cut the distance for a little over 1km. Although tempting, I still stuck to my plan and continued to Podae Ridge.
(2) This is Chukso Peak from Podae Ridge. It's only a few minutes away from the ridge and about 15mins from Manwolsa Temple.
(3) Looking over Jaunbong Peak from Chukso Peak.
Ridge to Jaunbong Peak Mt. Dobongsan Ridge Korean women are tough
(1) Here's the ridge to Jaunbong Peak. Some trails would go on boulders, some would be in the forest.
(3) I met this lady at Manwolsa Temple. She didn't look like she could climb up a ladder but she proved herself to be tough. She also warned me about the danger on the ridge.
The trail on Podae Ridge soon became more and more interesting. I was beginning to understand how they mean "danger".
Visuals of trail difficulty Visuals of trail difficulty Visuals of trail difficulty Visuals of trail difficulty
So this is how they define dangerous. It really was dangerous. And the weather made it even worse. If it wasn't for the rails, this bits would be a technical climb. There are no steps for the most part so you really have to hang on to the rails to pull yourself up and lower yourself down. Inexperienced hikers would definitely get a hard time tackling this. I also wouldn't recommend this route on weekends... unless it's a crappy weather like today.

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