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Chiaksan National Park

How To Get There: From Incheon Bus Terminal we took a 2hr bus ride to Wonju. From Wonju Bus Terminal, we took bus#41 to Guryongsa Temple (the last stop) and we hiked for about 10mins, past the temple to Daegok Campground.

Birobong Peak in Chiaksan National Park
Guryongsa Temple Guryongsa Temple Seryeompokpo Falls
Daegok Campground Hiking in Chiaksan National Park Two tired hikers
(1) This is our second camping trip of the year... we're already getting cold nights for this month so this might also be our last.
This campground in full season would be a disaster. The sites are on top of each other. There seems to be no room for people to walk around their tents. The area is very nice though. We were surrounded by thick forest and a cool running stream. It also has a couple of interpretive trails for a nice relaxing walk.
(2) We didn't get enough sleep from the cold night at our campsite so this hike killed us. The trail from Seryeompokpo Falls is gradual but soon after turns into a stairs hike.
Approaching the highest point of Chiaksan National Park A little challenging trail closer to the summit High point in sight
(2) This is the only part of the hike that may be a little challenging.
Birobong Peak Twin Cairns at the Summit of Chiaksan National Park Napping on top of Chiaksan National Park
It was a steep hike all the way to the summit but we still made it in 3hrs. It was a nice day out. Not a lot of people on the mountain so we stayed at the top for a couple of hours and just soaked as much fresh air as we could.
This is Birobong Peak - 1288m/4226'.
View from Chiaksan National Park summit Lookout point Descending by stairs on Chiaksan National Park
After a nap, we started our painful descent down the stairs. The forest at this time is just beginning to change color. The view was quite interesting.
We got back to our campground after 2.5hrs.
Yulin 2013/09/29 20:40:15 EDT Reply
We camped there this summer 2013. It was hard for us to communicate to the staff and the campground got really crowded. We did not have a good time camping at all.

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