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Deogyusan National Park

How To Get There: This is a 3-day trip at Deogyusan National Park. I took an express bus at Nambu Bus Terminal (Seoul Line 3) for a 3:45hr bus ride to Muju, Jeollakbuk-Do. I then took a local bus to Samgong Ticket Booth... My trailhead.

Deogyusan National Park Range
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My 2nd day had 9hrs of ridge hiking. The longest summit to summit traverse I've done in Korea. From Hyangjeokbong Peak (1614m/5295') - Jungbong Peak (1594m/5230') - Muryongsan Peak (1492m/4895') - Sakkatbong Peak (1419m/4656') and finally to Namdeogyusan Peak (1507m/4944'). This time includes summit stops and an hour lunch at Sakkatgoljae Shelter. In addition to 9hrs of traversing the ridge, I still had to descend down to Yeonggak Ticket Booth for another 1:45hrs.
Sunrise at Deogyusan National Park On the way to Jungbong Peak On Jungbong Peak
(1) I wasn't really counting on getting up early because I thought of staying at the other shelter for another night. It was hard to stay asleep though when 20 other people in the same room were loud and in a hurry to catch the sunrise. So I got up and enjoyed the sunrise as well... And I'm glad I did.
(2) After having my nasty oatmeal for breakfast, I packed and hit the trail for my next peak.
(3) This is Jungbong Peak (1594m/5230'). It took me 15mins to get here from Hyangjeokbong.
Looking back to Hyangjeokbong from Jungbong Peak High Peaks of Deogyusan National Park Trail Map
(1) Looking back to Hyangjeokbong from Jungbong Peak.
(2) Looking forward to my remaining summits and many more hours of hiking.
(3) This mountain is well signed. It surely gave me confidence during this traverse.
My rest stop before moving on to Muryongsan Peak Trails in thick bushes Muryongsan Peak
Rest stop at 1380m/4528'. The trail to here from Jungbong involved a lot of elevation loss and some flat trails. The trails were mostly covered by thick bushes.
(3) This is Muryongsan Peak (1492m/4895'). It took me 3hrs to get here from Jungbong Peak.
Remaining High Peaks Bags of rocks on the trail Looking back to Muryongsan Peak
(1) These are the remaining summits I planned to bag. Sakkatgoljae Shelter (not visible) is below and before Sakkatbong. The main objective here would be Namdeogyusan Peak.
(2) The trail from here was covered by these bags of rocks. These are used to create the rock steps to assist hikers.
(3) Looking back to Muryongsan Peak.
Approaching Sakkatbong Peak Sakkatgoljae Shelter Trail Map at Sakkatgoljae Shelter
(1) Approaching Sakkatbong Peak and nearing Sakkatgoljae Shelter.
This is Sakkatgoljae Shelter. It took me 40mins to get here from Muryongsan Peak and it's about 10.5kms from Hyangjeokbong Shelter. I first planned to stay here for the night but I thought I would have enough energy and time to finish the whole course in one day. What's another 4kms?
I stayed here for an hour to cook and eat lunch... and rest.
Sonny 2013/10/10 22:20:17 EDT Reply
That is a very long traverse. Good job!

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