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Demilitarized Zone

How To Get There: We joined Adventure Korea for this trip to the DMZ.

Demilitarized Zone
DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) is an intensely guarded boarder which separates the Communist North Korea from the Republic of Korea.
We left Hongik Station at 9:30am and arrived at our first stop: ImjinGak at 11am to register for the tour. After having lunch at the Unification Village, we went to visit the Third Infiltration Tunnel. The tunnel is 1635m long but only about 435m of it was open for public viewing. We also watched an 8min documentary about the DMZ at this stop. We moved on to the Dora Observatory next, where we listened to a lecture by an army representative. We could also see North Korea and its Guiness-holder flag from this observatory.
Next we went to the Dorasan Train Station. We got our passport stamped here. Its either we've just become a part of history or we've just vandalized our passport for no reason at all. We went back to ImjinGak for our last tour of the day where we visited the Peace Bell, the Manngbaedan altar and the Freedom Bridge.
Entering the Infiltration Tunnel Tourist Information Building Dora Observatory Dora Observatory overlooking North Korea Friendly guards ImjinGak Park
ImjinGak Park overlooking the Freedom Bridge Dora Observatory Arch Bordering North and South Korea Bordering North and South Korea Freedom Bridge Freedom Bridge

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