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Mt. Tohamsan - 745m/2444'

How To Get There: From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, we took an express bus for 4.5hrs to Gyeongju.

At the summit of Mt. Tohamsan
The Seukgulam Grotto is located near the summit of Mt. Tohamsan. It has a seated Buddha statue made of granite and a bunch of carvings of gods, Buddha's deciples and guardians.
I took a side trip to bag the summit of this mountain while the ladies were hiking back to the temple. Access is at the back of the Seukgulam Grotto ticket booth and it took me 15mins up and a hoppin' and joggin' 30mins down back to Bulguksa Temple.
The long and winding road to Seukgulam Grotto The trail narrows down higher up Rest stops had good view of Gyeongju More rest stops The last ascent to the grotto Entrance to the grotto
Seukgulam Grotto Seukgulam Grotto Seukgulam Grotto Seukgulam Grotto On top of Mt. Tohamsan View from the top of Mt. Tohamsan

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S