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How To Get There: From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal, we took an express bus for 4.5hrs to Gyeongju.

Bomun Lake Resort Fountain
We left Seoul a little late but we still managed to visit a lot of places around downtown when we arrived like the Gyeongju National Museum. We even sqeezed-in a little picnic time and a few stops from a bunch of tourist shops.
We had dinner and went to a hot spring for the ladies at Bomun Lake Resort. Our night was spent afterwards at a small town around Bulguksa Temple. The Youth Hostel cost us W35000 for one room, four people. The place was clean and people there are very hospitable.
The next day, we visited Bulguksa Temple, we hiked to the Seukgulam Grotto and I took a solo hike to Mt. Tohamsan. Before we left, we took a last stop to the Daereungwon Tomb Park, aka Tumuli Park.
Cheomseongdae Observatory Bomun Lake Resort Fountain Bomun Lake Resort Bomun Lake Resort Outdoor Performance Bomun Lake Resort Outdoor Performance
Daereungwon Tomb Park Daereungwon Tomb Park Daereungwon Tomb Park Daereungwon Tomb Park Having a picnic at Daereungwon Tomb Park

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S