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Jeju-Do to Incheon Ferry Ride

We left Geumneung Beach early in day to inquire about our ferry ride home at the terminal. After confirming our schedule, we walk around Jeju City. There's nothing really interesting in here, no wonder you read more about Seogwipo City than Jeju City.

Washroom for the disabled
At the ferry terminal, the staff there kept asking us where we're going and reminding us to go to the "Foreigner Only line". We thought we would get a thorough security check. When it was time to leave, the staff checked our passports and tickets, then let us go ahead of the huge line-up. That was it. We were treated very well. They must've thought I was Johnny Depp :). Being one of the first passengers in the ferry, of course we got the best spot in our third-class room. This room takes 30 people. No division, no order. You're lucky not to be facing a foot if you're the last one to arrive. We did alright though. We had a good long night sleep, and got up early for the last sunrise of this trip.
Ticket Office Our ferry back to Incheon Boarding the ferry Sleeping Room
Sunrise on the ferry Islands in the East China Sea Islands in the East China Sea Islands in the East China Sea
amy 2013/10/11 04:53:39 EDT Reply
how do u book ur ferry ticket?

We just went to the ferry terminal, and we bought our tickets there.
Reservations are available though through the internet or by phone. If you don't speak the Korean language, phone reservation is your only option. More info at the KTO website. - Kajtek - 2013/10/12 22:18:31 EDT

Yun 2013/08/14 23:31:55 EDT Reply
This is just great! thanks!
Jan 2013/05/27 10:17:17 EDT Reply
Security checks at any terminal is never comfortable. You never know what to expect. Good thing you didn't go through that here.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S