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Geumneung Beach

Two words, just perfect.

Geumneung Beach
After having an unpleasant camping experience at Jungmun Beach, we finally got what we want for in beach camping. It was such a beautiful place, we ended up staying here for 2 nights. If we had the time we would've stayed here longer.
A couple of teens approached us at our campsite. We guessed that they were sent to charge us for camping. But they couldn't speak english and perhaps embarassed so they just left. I wouldn't mind paying to camp here. It's worth it.
The beach was packed with lava rocks but in the morning until the afternoon, the tide was low and the water was warm. You could stay on the white and very fine sand far from the main land. It even seem possible to swim across to the nearby Biyangdo Island.
Beside Geumneung Beach is the much busier Hyeopjae Beach. It also has a campground and it is closer to the stores and bars. Geumneung Beach is preferred for a more relaxing camping experience.
In the afternoon of our second day here, we went to visit Hallim Park. This park is very close to the beach. In fact it's just across the street.
Geumneung Beach Tent Camping on Geumneung Beach Our beautiful campsite Picnic huts Lava rocks on the beach More lava rocks
Low tide Biyangdo Island Nice and warm water, beautiful day at the beach fine white sand on Geumneung Beach Sunset Sunset on Geumneung Beach
Busy Hyeopjae Beach Hyeopjae Beach beside Geumneung Beach oops! Nice hat
Colby 2008/04/21 12:43:12 EST Reply
How are you today? My name is Colby. I'm in South Korea right now and am
planning a trip down to Jeju. I've been looking online for information for
a few weeks now and everytime I always end up back at your website. Your site
has been very helpful narrowing down choices. I was planning on a short
trip, only 3 days from start to finish. I was planning to catch a flight
from Incheon to Jeju and then hitting the bus to Geumneung Beach. From what
I've read, it seems that this beach would be great. A couple of friends and
I are looking for some places to camp but we don't want it to be crowded
and touristy. Hopefully we could camp there and take a hiking trip up to the

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