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Manjanggul Cave

How To Get There: This was our first stop when we arrived in Jeju-Do Island. We took a bus at the airport to Jeju Bus Terminal and we bought some groceries there for camping. We then took a local bus for 45mins to an intersection that would take us to the cave. The bus doesn't go to the cave. There was a cab waiting at the intersection when we arrived and the driver offered us a ride to the cave for 3000Won.

Manjanggul Cave
At the park's entrance, a police officer offered to take our packs inside the station so we could freely move in the cave. What a nice man. We had lunch at the restaurant in the area, then we went inside the cave.
This cave had lava as your stepping ground with a couple of interesting lava rock formation.

Back at the park's entrance, we took our packs and another cab driver approached us and offered us a ride back to the road for W2000. We then took a bus at the intersection to our first campsite, Sinyang Beach.
Manjanggul Cave Entrance Manjanggul Cave Info Lava Rock Turtle Rock or Stone Turtle

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S