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Jirisan National Park

How To Get There: We took an express bus at Nambu Bus Terminal to Sancheong. Then a local bus from Sancheong to Wonji. Then a local bus from Wonji to Jungsan-Ri.

Jirisan National Park Ridge
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Ridge to Jeseokbong Peak Approaching Jeseokbong Peak Jeseokbong Peak
This is Jeseokbong Peak (1808m/5932'). It is about 45mins from the true summit. It is one of the many summits of Jirisan that is over 1000m.
Jangteomok Shelter Yeonhabong Peak Yeonhabong Peak Ridge
(1) This is Jangteomok Shelter. We were sure glad to be here after an unexpected long hike. It was too bad that this was not our shelter.
(2) More summits still have to be crossed. This is Yeonhabong Peak 1730m/5676', about 20mins from the shelter.
(3) Ropes, rails, steps, and even boardwalks were present to aid hikers.
Chotdaebong Peak Clouds clearing up a little bit Boardwalk on the ridge
This is Chotdaebong Peak 1704m/5590'. Time for the clouds to clear up a little bit. It was such a beautiful scene that it made every effort worthwhile.

My wife had a small disagreement with the ice at this point and she took it on her knee. We created a show so other hikers couldn't resist to stop and nose around. One of them gave her some kind of a patch for her bruise to make it feel better. It was a very nice gesture.
My knee was also not in good shape. It had been whining since the summit for some reason, but my wife didn't know about it. I wanted to finish this traverse so bad and I was prepared to crawl.
Approaching Seseok Shelter Sleeping arrangement in Seseok Shelter Seseok Shelter
Our final destination for the day, Seseok Shelter. This shelter can accommodate up to 300 people, making it one of the biggest shelters in Korea's National Parks. This shelter is also located on the highest, widest plateau in South Korea. Not quite a flat plateau though.
Reaching this shelter took us 2.5hrs from Cheonwangbong Peak, the true summit.
Descending Jirisan Mr and Mrs Knee Georim Trailhead
We had no sleep. No sleep. Everyone was loud, everyone kept moving around. The weirdest part of this was men and women have to sleep seperately. We broke this rule though.
The next day became the most painful morning for both of us. We were tired from yesterday and night. Plus, the knees decided to retire early on this trip so we had to cut our traverse short.

We followed the trail from Seseok shelter to Georim in Naedae-Ri. It was a painful descent, but we were both relieved to not have hiked farther along the range. This descent took us 2:15hrs. From Georim, we took a local bus back to Wonji, then to Sancheong, then back to home... sweet home.
just me 2013/12/17 20:41:49 EST Reply
we are heading to jirisan this weekend. found things here very helpful. thanks!
noime 2013/11/03 15:38:17 EST Reply
hello, we were in jirisan last year in winter as well. It was cold and very windy we couldn't take a lot of pictures. your photos remind me of our experience there. it was beautiful
Meung Je 2013/09/07 22:22:46 EDT Reply
Hiking in South Korea is never limited to warm weather and can be enjoyed in the winter too. In fact, it's more beautiful in winter.

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