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Jirisan National Park

How To Get There: We took an express bus at Nambu Bus Terminal to Sancheong. Then a local bus from Sancheong to Wonji. Then a local bus from Wonji to Jungsan-Ri.

Jirisan National Park Ridge
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This is the last big trip on my priority list before leaving South Korea and I sure hoped that I've done it during the warmer weather. Winter hiking is beautiful too though, it's just not as pleasant.
We planned this trip to be a 3-day hike, with 2 nights stay at the shelters along the way. Unfortunately, my wife and I both had knee problems. We had to make an emergency descent after a night's stay at the Seseok Shelter.

We stayed at a small town called Jungsan-Ri for the first night when we first arrived, then the next day we started our hike to the highest point of Jirisan, Cheonwangbong Peak - 1915m/6284'. From the summit we still had to hike for another couple of hours or so to our first mountain shelter. Along the way, we encountered some issues with our knees and they're still in vain the next day, so we left the mountain.
I felt bad that we didn't finish our planned traverse. I was glad though that we didn't because the knees were awefully giving up on us.
This is the minbak we stayed at in Jungsan-Ri Jirisan National Park Campground Trail splits here
(1) This is the minbak we stayed at in Jungsan-Ri. This area is also the bus' last stop. The small alley on the left leads to Jirisan National Park's gate.
(2) This area is the park's campground. It is about 30 mins from our minbak.
(3) After another half hour, we reached a very important fork. After crossing this bridge, the trail to the left goes directly to Jangteomok Shelter (skips the summit).
Trail to Rotary Shelter Rotary Shelter Trail to Beopgyesa Temple
(1) We took the trail to the right which passes by Rotary Shelter, Beopgyesa Temple, then goes to the summit.
(2) This is the Rotary Shelter. About 1:15hrs from the above mentioned bridge.
(3) Immediately after the shelter comes the Temple. This is another fine place and worth visiting. We were treated very nicely here. Our packs were already full, but we definitely had to make room for some candies and a bag full of fruits that were given to us by the monks.
Everything around us were frozen Snow and Ice patches on the trails Frozen trees
We were getting to a higher elevation at this point so everything around us were frozen. It was a nice winter scenery. It reminded me of our Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies.
Approaching the second highest mountain of South Korea Highest point of Jirisan National Park On Cheonwangbong Peak
Here's a salute to the second highest mountain of South Korea, Cheonwangbong Peak at 1915m/6284'. It was too bad we had a crappy weather. It would've had a nice view of the range.
This ascent took us 4:30hrs from our minbak (bus stop), including lunch break.
Leaving the summit Traversing the ridge On our way to Jeseokbong Peak
After a brief stay at the summit, we continued our hike to our next objective, Jeseokbong Peak. It got pretty cold up here. The ground was covered in ice and the surrounding was frozen... including the air.
just me 2013/12/17 20:41:49 EST Reply
we are heading to jirisan this weekend. found things here very helpful. thanks!
noime 2013/11/03 15:38:17 EST Reply
hello, we were in jirisan last year in winter as well. It was cold and very windy we couldn't take a lot of pictures. your photos remind me of our experience there. it was beautiful
Meung Je 2013/09/07 22:22:46 EDT Reply
Hiking in South Korea is never limited to warm weather and can be enjoyed in the winter too. In fact, it's more beautiful in winter.

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