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Lotus Lantern Festival

We participated in this festival as part of Buddha's birthday celebration. It was very busy and a lot of fun. We made our own lanterns... and stole the discarded ones, and we also experienced some Buddhist stuff. The parade was held in Seoul, from Dongdaemun Station to Jonggak Station of Seoul Line 1.

Lotus Lantern Festival
Making Lanterns Tracing a Buddha Figure Face Painting Making Lanterns Weaving at the Lotus Lantern Festival Massage Treatment
Setting up for the parade Lotus Lantern Festival Parade Parade Ritual at the Lotus Lantern Festival Monks leading the prayer Kids Dancing Dressed up performers
Performers at the Lotus Lantern Festival Fire Eater Hanging Lanterns Street Performers at night Parade Lanterns at night Parade Lanterns
Alexis 2013/08/26 23:45:15 EDT Reply
So this is where that photo originated? I've seen it in a lot of websites! Good one!

It was originally in izsak02.com ( as per the watermark ), which is now hikecampandtravel.com it seems. I see it used in a few websites as well. It's a nice photo. - SeoulSearcher - 2013/11/01 11:10:34 EDT

Mel 2009/09/10 12:00:18 EST Reply
GORGEOUS photo of the Lotus Lantern Festival - good job!
joiwatani 2008/11/20 05:21:52 EST Reply
Your lantern picture was featured today at the VirtualTourist front page! What an adorable picture!

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