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Korea Mountain List
Name Location Elevation Time Taken
Manisan, Mt. Incheon 0496m/1627' 01:45
Gyeyangsan, Mt. Incheon 0395m/1296' 01:30
Soraesan, Mt. Incheon 0299m/0981' 04:00 including traverse from Mt. Geomasan
Cheolmasan, Mt. Incheon 0227m/0745' 02:00 North to South Traverse
Munhaksan, Mt. Incheon 0213m/0699' 01:45 East to West Traverse
Geomasan, Mt. Incheon 0209m/0686' 04:00 including traverse from Mt. Soraesan
Manwolsan, Mt. Incheon 0187m/0614' 00:30
Gwanmosan, Mt. Incheon 0160m/0525' 00:30
Jeongjoksan, Mt. Incheon 0113m/0371' 00:40 traverse
Samseongsan, Mt. Seoul 0481m/1578' 04:00 traverse
Inwangsan, Mt. Seoul 0338m/1109' 01:30
Namsan, Mt. Seoul 0265m/0869'
Bukhansan National Park Seoul 0837m/2746' Multiple Peak Ascent
Moraksan, Mt. Gyeonggi-Do 0385m/1263' 01:15
Anyangsan, Mt. Gyeonggi-Do 0272m/0892' 01:45
Taebaeksan, Mt. Gangwon-Do 1567m/5141' 05:15
Odaesan National Park Gangwon Do 1563m/5128' 04:00
Seoraksan National Park Gangwon-Do 1709m/5607' 09:15
Chiaksan National Park Gangwon Do 1288m/4226' 05:30
Deogyusan National Park Jeollakbuk-Do 1614m/5295' Multiple Peak Days
Tohamsan, Mt. Gyeongsangbuk Do 0745m/2444' 00:15 from Grotto Ticket Booth
Jirisan National Park Gyeongsangnam-Do 1915m/6284' Multiple Peak Days
Hallasan National Park Jeju-Do 1950m/6398' 05:15
Game9033 2013/08/26 23:52:00 EDT Reply
Nice list! I like hiking myself and I currently live and work here in South Korea. Thanks for posting!

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