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Mt. Anyangsan - 272m/892'

How To Get There: This mountain is a short forest hike beside Anyang Station of Seoul Line 1 (Cheonan route).

First high point of Mt. Anyangsan. Summit is visible on the top right
This was our "rebound" hike after a painful trip to Jirisan National Park. We just wanted to check if we were actually being asked to retire from hiking... but we did fine here.
After reaching the summit, we descended to the other side of the mountain, where we saw a bunch of juvees sweeping the snow off the military road. We had lunch here with our very own home made Kimbap.
Ascending Mt. Anyangsan At the summit of Mt. Anyangsan View from Mt. Anyangsan Juvees on Mt. Anyangsan Descending Mt. Anyangsan Our home made Kimbap

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S