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Mt. Cheolmasan - 227m/745'

How To Get There: For this traverse I took Incheon Subway Line 1 to Gyesan station, and exited at #4. I walked straight (west) for about 20mins up to the Gyeyang-gu/Seo-gu border... in between Mt. Cheolmasan and Mt. Gyeyangsan.

Mt. Cheolmasan Ridge
Mt. Cheolmasan North Trailhead Mt. Cheolmasan's first high point Mt. Cheolmasan Ridge Trail
(1) North Trailhead.
(2) This is Mt. Cheolmasan's first high point. From the trailhead up to here was mostly a steep ascent. The trail eases up from here on.
Hiking on Mt. Cheolmasan Mt. Cheolmasan High Peaks Mt. Cheolmasan Traverse Route
(1) It took me 45mins from the trailhead to this peak. I first thought this was the true summit because it seemed to be the highest point, but not according to my map.
(2) Looking back at the high point I thought was the true summit. The summit seen in the middle is of Mt. Gyeyangsan.
(3) The last high point here was the mapped true summit (left of center). I followed the ridge the whole way for my traverse route.
Mt. Cheolmasan Work Out Station Mt. Cheolmasan Beauty Rest Station Introducing Kids to Nature at Mt. Cheolmasan
Approaching the Summit of Mt. Cheolmasan At the top of Mt. Cheolmasan Mt. Cheolmasan Ridge
(1) Here is the final approach to the mapped summit.
(2) This summit is very close to the southern approach with a lot of apartment buildings.
On my descent, I continued to the south and to the left of the only fork (signed). This took me to the apartment buildings, and from there, I chose not to walk the half-hour distance to the subway station and just hit the cab. My over all north trailhead to south trailhead time was 2hrs.
(3) Looking back at Mt. Cheolmasan's North Summit.
Later at night, my wife and I joined a birthday bash. We went to a bar alley and some teenaged boys there were quite persuasive. They tried to be very friendly by practising their "hellos" and "nice to meet you" gestures, just to get you to follow them to the bar they either own or work for. It's hard sometimes to understand what they say so, at one point we followed a guy recommending a hip-hop club (he sold himself by doing some dance moves on the street). The elevator broke down because we overloaded it. The guy came out of the elevator. We were supposed to go to the third floor but he was going down the stairs, we all wondered why but we followed him anyway. The guy needed to pee, and he took us all to the bathroom without him realizing that we followed.

When we had enough drinks already, we took off. It was already getting late but most of the people in our group stayed at the hip-hop club... no wonder nobody showed-up at our hike to Mt. Gyeyangsan the next day.

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