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Mt. Geomasan - 209m/686'

How To Get There: This mountain is on the north of Incheon Grand Park.
After leaving Songnae Station, I followed the road to a big 4-way intersection. I turned left here, then I turned right on the second road, then left on a T-intersection, I then followed a railed sidewalk up to the trailhead (signed).

Ladies stretching after a hike up to the summit of Mt. Geomasan
This was a multi-peak day. I could claim three summits here but I don't know what my second summit was called. Let's just say it's a part of Soraesan Ridge.
I started this trip with an easy ascent to Mt. Geomasan, then a traverse on a "horseshoe Soraesan Ridge" all the way to the summit of Mt. Soraesan. From Mt. Soraesan, I doubted if I claimed the summit of Mt. Geomasan. So, I went back to it. I didn't go through the ridge again, and instead I descended Mt. Soraesan directly towards Mt. Geomasan through the highway tunnel. Then regain elevation for another ascent to Mt. Geomasan.
I descended the same way I came up the first time, and met with the same trailhead for an overall 4hr roundtrip time.

I reached the summit (as I thought it was) at exactly 30mins from the trailhead. The whole summit ridge was claimed by the military. There were only a few lookout points to see the view. The mountain itself is not quite interesting at all.
I continued on to my next objective: a traverse to Mt. Soraesan. I followed a horseshoe ridge connecting to an eastern summit (I don't know the name of it). The trail I took to reach the horseshoe is on the left of the first military post I saw on my way up. It was a steep descent to the apartment buildings below.

I came back to this mountain after summiting Mt. Soraesan. It took me 1hr from Soraesan to Geomasan on a different route (see last photo). I then hiked the whole ridge and around the military barb-wired area to make sure that I didn't miss the summit, but I ended up at the same spot where I was before... the summit I thought it was the first time.
Mt. Geomasan Trailhead Ascending Mt. Geomasan Mt. Geomasan Military Bunker Mt. Geomasan Trail Mt. Soraesan as seen from summit of Mt. Geomasan Mt. Geomasan route from Mt. Soraesan

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S