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Mt. Inwangsan - 338m/1109'

How To Get There: We took the subway to Gyeongbokgung Station of Seoul Line 3 then we followed the sign to Sajik Park. It was a bit of a maze to hit the trailhead so we just kept our bearing and assured with the locals if we were heading the right way. It was a long road hike to the trailhead. The area was heavily guarded with military, cops and some casually dressed guards from the moment we left Sajik Park.

Mt. Inwangsan
Fortress Wall Trail Rocky Ridges Traffic on Mt. Inwangsan Ridge
(1) This Great Fortress of Korea starts at the beginning of the actual trail... where no wheels can go.
(2) It was very hazy when we went so even the view to the neighboring summits like Mt. Bugaksan was not sharp at all. But the mountain itself has beautiful rocky features to adore.
(3) Traffic on the ridge trail.
Guided Rocky Ridges Final Ascent to the Summit View from the summit of Mt. Inwangsan
(1) Guided ridge trail.
(2) Some parts of the hike were very steep. Even with stairs, the steepness made us aware of a potential slip and fall... thank goodness for the rope.
(3) This hike took us 45mins from Sajik park to the summit. The view was... well, I guess we just happened to pick a wrong day.
North Summit On our way to the North Summit Looking back to the True Summit
(1) Northern summit of Mt. Inwangsan.
(2) Here's the Northern summit of Mt. Inwangsan. It supposed to offer a better view of Mt. Bugaksan and Bukhansan National Park on a clear day.
(3) It took us 15mins to reach the Northern summit from the true summit (left of center).
Mt. Inwangsan Alternate Descend/Ascend Route Descending Mt. Inwangsan Changuimun Gate (Jahamun Gate)
(1) This is the granite ridge that leads to the North-West side of the mountain. It could be used as an alternate descent or ascent.
(2) We went back to the col between the true and false summits to get to this descend. It leads to the Jahamun Tunnel.
(3) the Changuimun Gate (Jahamun Gate) and Jahamun Tunnel are in between Mt. Inwangsan and Mt Bugaksan. This was the point when we've already given-up looking for the trail to Mt. Bugaksan and just went to Gyeongbokgung Palace instead.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S