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Mt. Manisan - 496m/1627'

How To Get There: From Incheon Bus Terminal, there's a bus that goes directly to Mt. Manisan and it takes about an hour ride. From the bus stop at Mt. Manisan, Gangwa-do island, Incheon, walk farther up the road to a T-intersection, turn left (signed), and walk straight for about 500M to the trailhead (big tourists area).

Mt. Manisan
This mountain is considered to be very important to the locals because some time ago, the king of some dynasty... or founder of something used to pray at the summit, which houses the Chamseongdan Altar. Every year, Koreans climb here to pray and give their respect to the heavens. The altar is closed to the public on normal days to preserve its sacredness.
This hike took us 1hr up and 45mins down.
Jeongsusa Temple Jeongsusa Temple Entering Jeongsusa Temple Hiking up to Mt. Manisan from Jeongsusa Temple  Climbing Mt. Manisan Summit of Mt. Manisan
Busy Summit of Mt. Manisan On top of Mt. Manisan Chamseongdan Altar on Mt. Manisan Chamseongdan Altar on Mt. Manisan
ken 2013/03/02 14:50:21 EST Reply
koreans sure do like their mountains, especially the older generations.

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