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Mt. Manwolsan - 187m/614'

How To Get There: From Dongam Station of Seoul Line 1, follow the road towards the objective up to a major intersection. The trailhead is across the Rapid Transit Office.

Summit of Mt. Manwolsan
This trip only took me 15mins from the trailhead to the summit. Mt. Manwolsan can only offer a very short hike but its terrain is quite interesting compared to the other mountains in Incheon. It has the most 'rocky feature' I've seen. Some people might consider the ridge a scramble.
Steep ascent to Mt. Manwolsan Approaching the ridge on Mt. Manwolsan Mt. Manwolsan's Rocky Ridge Approaching the Summit on Mt. Manwolsan's Rocky Ridge Mt. Manwolsan's Rocky Ridge
On the way to the next high point of Mt. Manwolsan One of Mt. Manwolsan's Good Rest Spots Looking back to Mt. Manwolsan's true summit Approaching Mt. Manwolsan's tower summit View from Mt. Manwolsan's tower summit

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S