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Mt. Namsan - 265m/869'

How To Get There: We started at Seoul Station of Seoul Line 1 and followed the sign to Namsan Park. Our hike then started at the stairs beside the Indoor Botanical Garden.

Seoul Tower
Mt. Namsan is a relatively big mountain (area wise). It has a small zoo, a picnic park, indoor and outdoor gardens, and the summit is the home of the Seoul Tower. From the start of the ascent, tourists have the option of taking the gondola almost up to the summit.
The summit has a good view of the city and its surrounding mountains. After soaking-in some better air at the top, we descended towards the Outdoor Botanical Garden.
Mt. Namsan Gondola to Mt. Namsan Botanical Garden Should I? Do'h

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S