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Mt. Soraesan - 299m/981'

How To Get There: Traversed from Mt. Geomasan as part of my multi-peak day.

Ascending Mt. Soraesan
This was a multi-peak day. I could claim three summits here but I don't know what my second summit was called. Let's just say it's a part of Soraesan Ridge.
I started this trip with an easy ascent to Mt. Geomasan, then a traverse on a "horseshoe Soraesan Ridge" all the way to the summit of Mt. Soraesan. From Mt. Soraesan, I doubted if I claimed the summit of Mt. Geomasan. So, I went back to it. I didn't go through the ridge again, and instead I descended Mt. Soraesan directly towards Mt. Geomasan through the highway tunnel. Then regain elevation for another ascent to Mt. Geomasan.
I descended the same way I came up the first time, and met with the same trailhead for an overall 4hr roundtrip time.
Mt. Soraesan as seen from the horseshoe ridge Mt. Soraesan Traverse Route Mt. Soraesan Trail
(1) Mt. Soraesan as seen from the horseshoe ridge.
(2) This is the the traverse I took to bag Mt. Soraesan from Mt. Geomasan. I also highlited the route I took to go back up to Mt. Geomasan.
Mt. Soraesan is on the border of Incheon and Bucheon.
(3) The whole ridge was guarded by the military from Mt. Geomasan all the way to the 'Soraesan Ridge'. Some posts were manned at the time. The area seemed to be a training ground, based on the presence of the obstacle courses.
Mt. Soraesan Ridge Mt. Soraesan Forest Trail Mt. Soraesan Steep and Muddy Ascent
(1) This tower sits directly on top of the highway tunnel. It's the beginning of a very steep and muddy ascent to the summit. A little farther to this tower is the 'downtown area'. It has a tent restaurant and a sunglasses vendor.
Mt. Soraesan Military Obstacle Course Mt. Soraesan Military Obstacle Course Approaching the summit of Mt. Soraesan
(2) On top of the steep and muddy ascent, there were military personnel training (or playing) at one of the obstacle courses.
(3) Approaching the summit of Mt. Soraesan.
At the top of Mt. Soraesan Summit of Mt. Soraesan Descending Mt. Soraesan towards Mt. Geomasan
(3) From the summit of Mt. Soraesan, I went back to bag Mt. Geomasan again (top right).
This whole traverse took me 1.5hrs to complete.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S