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Mt. Taebaeksan - 1567m/5141'

How To Get There: The beginning of the trail is after passing the Coal Museum and it points to Munsubong.

Manggyeongsa Temple on Mt. Taebaeksan
This hike is a traverse from Somunsubong (1465m/4806'), Munsubong (1517m/4977'), Busoebong (1547m/5075') and finally to Cheomjedang (1561m/5121'). The highest summit of this mountain is Janggunbong (1567m/5141') but we missed out on this one.
Our overall roundtrip time was 5:15hrs including lunch and stops.
Flooded Trails Drinking water along the trail Interpretive Trail
(1) The weather wasn't good when we started this hike. It rained the night before and it was still raining a little bit in the morning. The stream flooded some of the trails.
(2) There are some drinking water on the way, so no need to bring a heavy bag of water.
(3) The trail splits at some point (signed). There's an option to go straight to Munsubong or start the traverse from the eastern-most summit, Somunsubong.
On Somunsubong On Munsubong Praying and chanting on Munsubong
(1) This is Somunsubong (1465m/4806'). It took us 1:30hrs to get here from the trailhead.
(2) 20mins from Somunsubong to Munsubong (1517m/4977').
(3) These ladies were praying and chanting when we arrived. They had food and soju. I even thought for a change I would see Korean women drink soju, but they poured the drink on the rocks as their offering.
Mt. Taebaeksan Trail Replica of Cheomjedang Altar OnCheomjedang Peak
(1) The ridge hike was pretty gradual... only wet and muddy in most areas.
(2) This area is what I thought was Cheomjedang Peak. There was an interpretation board beside the altar calling this monument the "Taebaeksan Cheomjedang".
(3) And this peak is what I thought was Janggunbong (1567m/5141') which is the highest peak of Mt. Taebaeksan. I was wrong. This peak is only the Cheomjedang Peak (1561m/5121'). It took us 1:15 hours to get here from Munsubong.
Since that the fog was thick, I didn't notice any higher summits and I only realised I was wrong when I checked my map at the foot of the mountain.
Inside Cheomjedang Altar Dangjongbigak Pavilion of King Danjong Manggyeongsa Temple
(1) This is the inside of the real Cheomjedang Altar. These two kids went up here to pay their respect and offered some chips and makeli. They afterwards ate the chips and drank the makeli, unlike the ladies we saw on Munsubong.
The lady in the background was walking around the altar, chanting hallelujah... it sounded like hallelujah.
(2) After a chilling stay at the peak, we descended using the trail close to the altar.
This is Dangjongbigak. A pavilion of King Danjong whose spirit was said to be that of Mt. Taebaeksan.
(3) Another place we passed was the Manggyeongsa Temple. It is home for one of the finest mineral water in Korea
Mt. Taebaeksan Mountain Race Trail Seokjangseung (Stone Devil Posts) Dangunseongjeon Shrine
(1) This route is also used when Taebaek holds its Winter Fest. There is some kind of a mountain climbing race that goes on here.
(2) These are the Seokjangseung (Stone Devil Posts)
(3) Our final rest stop was at Dangunseongjeon. This shrine is dedicated to Dangun, the founding father of Korea. Rites are performed here yearly in his honour.
Our total descent time from Cheomjedang was 1:45hrs including rest stops.

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