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Naksansa Temple

How I Got Here: This visit to Naksan came after my camping trip to Odaesan National Park. I just took an hour bus-ride from Gangneung and I was dropped off directly at this small town.

Sun setting at Naksansa Temple
Naksansa Temple is one of the most beautiful temple I've ever seen in South Korea. The location could be the biggest factor here because it is by the sea. During my night visit here, the lanterns gorgeously illuminated the area.
Back in 2005, this place suffered from a brutal forest fire. Most of the vegetation and some structure were burned to the ground. At the time of my visit, monks and other volunteers were still rebuilding the area by planting new greens and reconstructing the affected temples.
Naksan Town. Naksansa Temple is on top of the uphill road Pavillion by the sea Pond Lotus Lantern hanging all over Naksansa Temple Effect of the forest fire Naksansa Temple

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S