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Minbak Village

How To Get There: We took an express bus from Dong Seoul (Gangbyeon Station of Seoul Line 2) for a 4hr ride to Taebaek.

From Taebaek Bus Terminal, we took a local bus #33 bound for Coal Museum (last stop).

Minbak Village
This place is also called the Residence Village. It is inside the Taebaek Provincial Park. It has a campground, artificial rock climbing wall, numerous minbaks, restaurants, and a few convenient stores. Minbaks here cost W30,000 which is still supposed to be cheap, but we found a motel for W25,000.
After a short trip to the Yongyeon Cave, we went here to spend the night. It was raining hard so we decided not to camp, instead we checked-in at a motel. It was oddly cheaper than the minbak.

This area of the southern Gangwon-Do province is more famous for winter activities because it gets the most snow. The town was dead when we came even though it was the middle of summer. It could be because of the crappy rain.
Taebaek is beautiful. This town is surrounded by forests, mountains over 1000m and the beaches are only a few minutes ride.
Village Plaza Bridge to trails and recreational areas Minbak Village Beautiful Fall colours in the Summer Minbak Village Campground Minbak Village Rock Wall

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S