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Yongyeon Cave

How To Get There: We took an express bus from Dong Seoul (Gangbyeon Station of Seoul Line 2) for a 4hr ride to Taebaek.

From Taebaek Bus Terminal, we took a local bus #21 up to the last stop which is Yongyeon Cave's entrance.

Yongyeon Cave's lights and water show
This is our first tour stop when we arrived in Taebaek. There were no other people in the area and we even thought that it was close. Normally, there'd be a service trolly to take visitors from the ticket booth to the entrance of the cave. This time, we were picked up by an SUV. This same SUV took us back to the ticket booth after our visit.
The cave has a canopy trail and it takes about 45 minutes to complete the trail. It has artificial water fountains backed-up by neon lights but the area still offers the "caving experience". We went to the Minbak Village after to spend the night.
Entrance to Yongyeon Cave Steps down to the cave Neon lights illuminates the cave Water show in the cave Low head room Neons in pathways

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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S