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Chiang Mai Adventure Trek
Day 1. This trekking tour was originally offered to us by the "nice guy" in the "Nice Place" guesthouse for 1900BAHT. It's for three days in Maetaeng which includes a visit to the local villages, elephant trek(ride), white water rafting, and bamboo rafting. The "nice guy" said they were the only company that offers this tour in Maetaeng area. We shopped around and found numerous tour companies that offer the same trip. We got ours for 1200BAHT from Top Thailand Adventure Tour with a couple of not pushy but rather nice and helpful staff. Our tour was hosted by Thana Adventure Tour and they were great.
We left at around 10am in an enclosed pickup truck. Stopped by a market to buy some snacks and for our guides to get us supplies for our meals. We continued our ride to our drop off point where we had an hour lunch. Our ride took us 2hrs including stops.
Our hike started on a small road, then into the forest with stream crossings and a bunch of steep ascents. We also had a long stop at a nice waterfalls. This leisure hike took us 3hrs.
Our first stop for this day hike was at Lahu Village where we had dinner and slept at a big hut. We had a dorm style sleeping arrangement with foam mattress on the floor, blankets, mosquito nets. This hut had enough room for about 20 people. It also had a kitchen, dining area, and a bon fired lounge.
After dinner we were joined by the locals during our night drinks(drinks extra fee). They were around us for a long while observing, then all of a sudden they swarmed us talking in unison... "massage, massage, massage". Some of us got up for a half hour 50BAHT massage. I was told it was worth it.
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Chris09 2013/08/08 21:53:23 EDT Reply
You missed visiting the long neck village. You should've done that instead of riding on the poorly treated elephants.

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