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Chiang Mai Adventure Trek
Day 2. We got up at 9am, had a nice western style breakfast, then packed up for a whole day's hike. We left our group and joined another with the same itinerary as us. This day's hike was not as steep as the day before and it was also slow. We took our extra time with this hike as well by picking and packing as many lychees as we could.
Our first stop was at Karen Hill Tribe Village (2.5hrs). After a long break there, we continued on to another waterfalls. Beside this falls is the Lisu Village(.75hrs), where we had ramen noodles for lunch, and a much needed shelter from the rain.
We resumed our hike in light rain. The hike was not too bad until we left the forest and to a very steep and muddy downhill. Everyone here had their share of slipping and falling. Directly below this hill was our final stop for the day (2hrs). It's a common jump off point to everyone taking the elephant/rafting package.
Our mansion for tonight had mattress, pillows blankets, and mosquito nets as well nut it was an open hut. Our location was in a valley beside a river. While freshening up for the night, a loose elephant walked by us and we were all amazed, somehow hypnotized by it. This group was not a late night drinker so we were off to bed early.
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Chris09 2013/08/08 21:53:23 EDT Reply
You missed visiting the long neck village. You should've done that instead of riding on the poorly treated elephants.

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