Koh Samui
We were picked up at the agency's office at 5:30pm, then we boarded an a/c vip bus. This bus was a double decker with lots of legroom and comfortable seats for 350BAHT/p - including boat to Koh Samui. We left hoping for a dinner stop after a couple of hours of driving, which was the usual rest stop time, but we got our first stop at midnight for an hour at a not-so-fancy restaurant but with ridiculously overpriced food. We were so hungry, but more pissed. Most tourist with us just ended up staying in the bus after seeing the food prices. Some like us had no choice but to buy at least the cheapest, being a small $3 cheese sandwich and just added an M and an F silently to it.
The bus took a couple more rest stops after this then we arrived in Surat Thani at 6am (10.5hrs total travel time). We were all dropped off at the travel agent's office where we got grouped according to our destinations. Our next bus arrived at 7:30am and took us to Banson Pier for 15mins where our ferry to Koh Samui awaits. 8:30am We left the ferry for a 2.5hr cruise, The ferry was big enough to accommodate passengers on the outside deck, inside lower level for economy, and upper level for a/c if you wish to pay an extra 15-40BAHT.
At Nathan Pier in Koh Samui, there were cabs - 350BAHT/p to Lamai, Motorbikes - 150BAHT/p to Lamai, and public transit (pickup truck) - 50BAHT/p to Lamai. We went public of course for a 40min ride to Lamai. We checked in at Coconut Bungalow and Resort.
Lamai has nice clean beach, and the area has a lot of restaurant (full meal for 30BAHT), bars, convenience stores like 711 on every block, lots of ATM machines, and a McD.
We rented a motorbike for 200BAHT/24hrs and we drove around the island. The roads were pretty smooth and drivers there were pretty relaxed, Although we were told to be very careful because about 95 foreigners on the island died last year from motorcycle accidents. Mostly from speeding, partly from forgetting to drive on the left side of the road.
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