Pho Hoi 1 Hotel - Hue, Vietnam Accommodation Review

Pho Hoi 1 Hotel

Pho Hoi 1 Hotel Room, Hoi An, Vietnam Accommodation Outside of Pho Hoi 1 Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam Accommodation
Location: Hoi An, Vietnam.
Rate: Normally, this hotel charges $7US but the lady offered it to us for $6US. As I walked away with a sad face (like I usually do), she called me to come back (like they usually do) and gave it to me for $5US or 81,000Dong per night.
Features: Double fan room, with own bathroom.
Close To: Convenience stores, restaurants, market, other guesthouses, and the historic sites.
Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S

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