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Museum of Ethnology - Hanoi, Vietnam

This museum explains the different ethnic groups of vietnam and the surrounding countries. It also had a section about the ration system under communism. They included many samples from life - quotes from people about particular incidents, specimens from peoples houses and an actual recreated apartment from the era. They showed how ten people lived in a 1-bedroom apartment who also raised pigs, chickens and birds inside the apartment.

Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, Vietnam
Entrance fee: 20,000Dong ($1Usd).
How to get there: From the North-East side of Hoan Kiem lake, take bus #14 for a 20min ride. The bus does not go directly to the museum so we had to ask the driver to drop us off close to it.
The conductor forgot our drop-off point so we had to walk a few meters back. While walking, we decided to stop by a restaurant for a bite. This place might be a spot for older men to have a drink. As soon as we sat down, we got surrounded by a few young watresses. Nobody spoke english and the menu was only written in vietnamese. We asked and pointed at what we thought was some beef soup. Beef (point)? "ok", soup (point)? "ok". The young waitresses left and giggled. They came back and brought us towels, peanuts, the bill, and more giggles. We thought those were what we've ordered, so we checked the bill and asked. During the discussion, the soup came. It was a relief... but not quite. The soup bowl was the size of a peanut. My wife and I looked at each other, and of course the girls giggled again. They wouldn't leave us as if they were waiting for us to make the next move. We took a couple of painful sips (aweful taste), then we paid and left.
On the other side of this restaurant was a small booth were they chop roasted dogs. It left us wondering if we just had dog soup.
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Updated: January 9, 2014 Author: Kajtek S